Project results

DIGITAIL project includes following detailed objectives and outcomes:

1 – Conduction of an exploratory research study to identify in detail the needs and requirements of the target group for the planned training programme. As part of the study, focus groups will be conducted with retail managers and staff, VET experts and VET learners to define the knowledge and areas needed to bridge the gap between the current state without digitalization and the digitalized sector.

2 – Development of a modular training programme for retail managers and employees in companies and businesses, European VET standards, European VET methods and tools, etc. The training programme will be divided into several small learning units that will allow to reflect the different realities and competence needs in the different European countries. The whole training programme will have a total duration of about 80 – 100 learning hours.

3 – Development of a handbook for corporate retail staff that presents modern digitalization based on the European VET principles and practical exercises.